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Well, I have put it off for long enough, so the time has finally come for me to make preliminary English translations for “Virtual Fishing,” the last of the “Japan Only” Virtual Boy games still in need of English translations. This will also be the first time that I actually try to play this game, which I’ve had in my collection for a while (YAY FISHING!). As usual, I make mention of the fact that I myself do not know or speak Japanese and, rather, rely on translation software programs and online Japanese to English dictionaries and other online sources to make the translations. Nevertheless, I have gotten quite the hang of using such sources and am very confident that these translations accurately convey the meaning of the original Japanese information.

English Translations for Cover Page:

Virtual Fishing


株式会社 パック・イン・ビデオ
Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd.

English Translations for Pages 0 & 1:


Thank you very much for purchasing Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd.’s “Virtual Fishing” cartridge exclusively for the Virtual Boy! Please read the separate “Precautions Booklet” first. Next, make each adjustment in accordance with the instructions in this “Instruction Booklet.” Please regularly use this product with proper usage. Furthermore, please keep the “Precautions Booklet” and this “Instruction Booklet” in a safe place.


●Before Starting The Game – Page 2

●Controller Functions – Page 6

●Getting Started With The Game – Page 8

●Tournament Mode – Page 11

●Other Modes – Page 14

●Fish Appearing In The Game – Page 15

“Virtual Fishing” is a fishing action game that lets you enjoy casting your line within Mother Nature and thrilling battles with the fish in the water, all with a sense of depth that’s unique to the Virtual Boy! Once you’ve won the six types of fishing tournaments – Rainbow Trout, Black Bass, White-Spotted Char, Yamame Trout, Amur Catfish, and Salmon – you will be able to challenge the Time Attack Mode to compete for the time it takes to catch a specified number of fish. Also, in the Free Mode, you can challenge the fishing locations, where 17 kinds of fish live. See how many you can catch… and have fun!

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Dor-Si wrote:
This game has always intrigued me. I’m still not sure if I love it or hate it, but all the effort you put forth translating will surely tip the scales toward the favorable side. Thanks for your hard work, Ben!

Your welcome! 🙂

The funnest part about this project for me was looking into the types of fish that are portrayed in the game and learning about them. That part I really enjoyed actually. As far as gameplay goes, though, I have to admit that about the only thing that takes some learning is the timing to hook a particular type of fish. Once you do some trial and error and then memorize the timings, the game is just way too easy after that.

Note: Even though I don’t have this in a finalized form and probably won’t for a while, I figured I would release what I already have for the competitors’ statements that are made during the fishing tournaments. As far as I can tell, the statements below can be said by any of the computer players, so no statement is attached to a specific person. Thus, if you want to know what a particular competitor is saying to you, simply find the translation below for the Japanese characters that match the characters you see on the screen. These are all of the monologues that I have seen in my experience with the game. There might be more monologues contained within the game, which I have not yet seen and, thus, do not yet know about.

1. 今日は手ごたえが悪すぎる。
The fish are resisting a lot today!

2. さて、ちょっとさぐりをいれてみるか。
Well, I’ll have to look for a little bit.

3. まったく釣れない。
I can’t catch anything at all.

4. タイミングがつかめていないな。
I don’t grasp the timing.

5. 自分の腕もまだまだおちてない。
My skills still haven’t faded.

6. それじゃ、じっくりとねらってみよう。
Well then, I’ll just aim slowly and carefully.

7. いいポイントを見つけたらしい。
I seem to have found a good spot!

8. 私のちからはこんなものじゃないのに。
My abilities aren’t cut out for something like this.

9. 敗者は去るのみ。
Only a loser gives up!

10. 勝負はこれから。
From now on, it’s a bout!

11. さてはポイントをまちがえたか。
Have I picked the wrong spot?

12. これで優勝は私のものね。
The victory here belongs to me!

13. 俺はさすがに目のつけどころがちがう。
Where to look is different than one might expect.

14. こんなはずではなかったのだが。
It isn’t supposed to be like this!

15. しまった! またばらしたか…
Oh, no! Did it get away? …

16. さっきからアタリがとぎれたままだ。
I still haven’t made contact in a while.

17. ゆめよもういちど。
I was dreaming again.

18. 型が小さいな。
This type is small.

19. このポイントがどうも釣れそうだ。
I’m very likely to catch fish at this spot!

20. じっくりいってもおそくはないだろ。
I would never take the slow and careful approach.

21. だんだんイヤになってきた。
I am getting sick.

22. いいかげんくたびれてきたな。
I am getting rather tired.

23. ええっ?! みんなそんなに釣ってるの?
Oh yeah? Haven’t we all caught that much?

24. スレなんてラッキー。
I’ve been quite lucky!

25. おいおい、ぬけがけはずるいぜ。
Hey! Forestalling is unfair!

26. 今日釣れた魚がこれっぽっちとは。
I’ve only been able to catch a few fish today.

27. こんなのインチキだ。
That’s cheating!

28. そろそろ食事にしようか。
Isn’t it about time to go eat?

29. よし、つづけてヒットだ!
All right! I keep on getting catches!

30. 今日はひさしぶりの入れ食いだな。
The fish haven’t bitten in a while today.

31. この調子ならいいところまでいきそうだ。
I think I’m doing better than ever!

32. スレで釣れるとはうんがいい。
I’m having good luck in catching fish!

33. 調子さえつかめばこっちのものだが。
I’ve got a good rhythm going over here!

34. いつもより調子がいいらしい。
I seem to be doing better than usual.

35. お、この手ごたえは!
Oh! This is challenging!

36. わらいが止まらない。
I just can’t stop smiling!

Attached to this post is the English version of the instruction booklet for Virtual Fishing, which I made by applying my English translations to all of the appropriate sections within the original Japanese instruction booklet.

Hey, that’s awesome, Ben!

Nice! Thanks!

speedyink wrote:
Hey, that’s awesome, Ben!

pinmagic wrote:
Nice! Thanks!

Thanks, and you’re welcome.

Hopefully KR155E will soon be able to add the English translation guide in Post #20 to Virtual Fishing’s “Cheats & FAQs” section as well as add the English instruction booklet to the respective “Manuals” section, so that these will be able to be found easily by anyone in the future.

I printed it out, using the “booklet” setting, and it automatically printed in the proper booklet format, with 2-sided printing. Nice. Now I just need to cut it to size and staple it in the middle.


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