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Hi there! Longtime lurker of this website here. I used to have an account here but I’ve long since forgotten the login credentials, sadly. Also, I hope this is the right subforum for this, I apologize if not.

I have an original FlashBoy that I’m considering putting up for sale. #211, purchased January or February 2009 I believe. It’s seen a LOT of use over the years, but despite some scuff marks, it still works perfectly – a sign that it’s been well loved! I have the cart itself, the box+cardboard insert, and the original burned CD it came with full of homebrew ROMs. Tragically, I stored the box carelessly and it got slightly bent out of shape (2009 was a different time…) but it isn’t enough to affect its structural integrity. Also, I can’t find a physical manual or other inserts of any kind, though it’s been too long for me to remember if it originally came with any. If it did, please let me know and I’ll continue looking for it.

As much as I’ve loved it, I’ve been offloading a lot of my personal collection to fund other endeavors. I have no idea how I might price this, though. I’ve seen a few FlashBoy+es turn up on eBay over the years, but I haven’t seen an original one in a very long time, much less boxed. Does it have any appeal as a collector’s item? I know it’s technically just an inferior FlashBoy+, but I believe these were only made for 3 years up until 2010, is that right? Whether or not it’s actually valuable, I’m quite interested to know what it might be valued at. It’ll help me decide if I’m actually ready to part with it, haha.

Thank you so much for this wonderful website and your efforts keeping the VB alive! The VB homebrew community is genuinely amazing and I’ve recommended many people check this site out.

For a full gallery of higher-resolution images of it, check here:

Original FlashBoy!

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October 3rd of last year I sold one for 200 plus shipping on eBay. The box on mine was slightly nicer as was cart and I had a cord. I’d throw out a 150 number as a guess. I didn’t expect mine to sell at 200 was expecting to eventually get an offer a little less.

I own #13 and I paid under $100 for it.

This is everything: https://www.planetvb.com/modules/usercenter/uploads/1584_1.jpg minus the mini-USB cable that would have been included in the box.

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Seen two for sale locally Sweden at roughly 105 USD. Neither got sold.

Heh, I own the infamous 005 (was pictured in a thread before the first batch was released). I wish I had a Flashboy+, but I don’t want to buy it again if they’re even still available.

Lol is an OG one cooler to anyone?


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