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Do we have any information on this site regarding prices on games and peripherals?

It would be nice to get an idea of the value of an item so beginners like me don’t get fooled by what seems to be a good deal when it’s in fact double the normal price or something like that.

BTW, I won this today, according the the other ended listings it seems like an OK price.

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I’ve noticed that prices for VB units seem to be going up…but maybe I’m just crazy.

You got a pretty sweet deal on Jack Bros, and okay ill give you price info on any game you want just let me know which one. Also don’t let my three stars of mine fool you I know almost everything there is to know about VB.

Are you a software and hardware guru as well?

I got the cart today and was happily surprised it was shrinkwrapped and never opened…

Too bad he shipped it wrapped in only bubblewrap and thin paper – it’s now a concave box. 🙁

No im not a software guru but I do play all the homebrew there are, and im sorry it took so long for me to reply ive beeen very busy lately.

e5frog: Must have been shrinkwrapped afterwards, japanese games never came sealed.

Not even a sticker, nothing?

It’s not impossible though that the store that sold them in 1995/1996 sealed them before putting them on the shelves, right?

Well, my Japanese Galactic Pinball box (which wasn’t sealed) has a sticker on it that says “Sofmap” (an electronics retailer with an excessively kitschy website), line break, and “¥2900”. Kind of interesting actually – they originally sold it for almost half less the MSRP, so it’s probably from 1996 or late 1995.


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