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Hello all!

I have a fixed Virtual boy, 3rd party stand, power adapter, and 6 games. Wario Land, Galactic Pinball, Mario Tennis, Vertical Force, Panic Bomber and Teleroboxer. I am looking into selling it. How much would you sell this for?


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Hello. How was it fixed? (Solder, tape, baking, replacement parts, etc) Do you have a working controller and the eye shade? Does your system have the box & manual? Do your games have their box & manual?

Thanks for responding. Controller works perfectly, yes on the eyeshade and it isnt crusty lol and no on the box or manuals.

Also it was soldered by Xmonster. A store near me that deals with consoles.

I often see working systems (with everything you mentioned) sell between $120-200.

The price gap was much closer about 10 years ago. You could find everything you listed for around $100. Within the last 5 years I’ve noticed a price jump.

These are the prices I often seen on eBay for loose VB carts:
Wario Land sells for $10-30
Galactic Pinball sells for $10-20
Mario Tennis sells for $5-20
Vertical Force sells for $10-30
Panic Bomber sells for $10-30
Teleroboxer sells for $15-30

A fixed system is a plus. The AC adapter is a plus. 6 games is a plus! A brand new stand is a plus! If you represent it honestly, as you have done here, I think you could expect to get between $175-250. If you find the right gamer, perhaps even close to $300.

Thank You for the pricing! Very helpful!

No problem! I am just providing feedback based on my eBay observations. My local game shop has 2 VB’s right now and he wants $500 per system (w/o AC adapter). Sometimes you can bank on nostalgia.

I think that up to $250 estimate is a lowball, at least watching what unfolds on ebay, even as a lot value and not pricing it out.

THe problem is there are plenty who are just impatient, stupid, or both (most dangerous) and you’ll see wider ranges with a higher end on the games he listed. Also yeah, it’s solder fixed. Sure it doesn’t have an OEM stand but even those third party ones seem to get about $30. A solder fixed headpiece alone I’ve seen do $150 on average repeatedly on ebay. That’s the head with or without the visor/clip assembly still there.

It wouldn’t be a stretch even with the 3rd party stand, especially with the AC adapter unit and those games to get easily $300 on what he’s got there.

Now if the two most expensive stand alone games were excluded (PB and VF) you still could easily get that with the other 4 titles so it would be like giving those away.


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