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“Pro Motion NG” (“Pro Motion Next Generation”) is a feature-rich pixel art drawing software and a 2D tile map editing tool. Recently, it has seen a new release that adds an awesome new feature – stereo drawing! Thanks to contributions by RunnerPack and Morintari, you will now be able to easily create amazing stereoscopic sprites and animations and live preview your work using either anaglyph or polarized glasses. To do so, you are provided with a stereo drawing canvas that shows left and right eye images side by side, and several drawing tool modes:

  • Copy: Everything you draw on one image, is automatically also copied to the other image, but at a displacement offset which you can change on-the-fly.
  • Smart Copy: An extended “Copy” mode that lets you, for example, draw a line in 3D space, i.e. with different displacements for both ends.
  • Clone: This mode lets you copy existing pixels of the left image displaced to the right image. Perfect for converting existing 2D images to 3D.

You can get Pro Motion here, there’s a commercial version, an evalution version as well as a feature limited free edition.

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Credit where it’s due: I didn’t really work on this at all, much less for three years… All I did was consult with the author about how to implement some stereo display modes and make a few other miscellaneous suggestions.

It is a very well-made piece of software, though. I’m no artist, but it seems well worth the shallow learning curve if you want to do good pixel art quickly and efficiently (especially in 3D).

Thanks for the clarification Amos! I have updated the text.


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