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Hi All,
I am fan of the VB system and I have seen that in this forum there are several gurus about this theme and I need your help.

I have seen about the glitchy problem and the solution but the flaw of my system is different from the problem of glitchy, what happens to my VB is that the image of the right side is seen complete but it have a change in the width size, becoming bigger and then smaller at intervals of 1 second approx. After opening the VB what I observed, it is that the mirror of the right side this oscillating of a variable manner as if it was unbalanced, provoking the effect of enlarging and the reducing the image width of the right side, while the mirror of the left side the oscillating is static. (I saw oscillating no vary).

I hope that I should have explained myself better my problem and you could have a solution to repair this flaw.

Thank’s in advance

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Hmm… yeah, I know exactly the problem you’re describing, but I’ve never seen it on any of my systems first-hand, so I can’t really tell you how to fix it. Basically, there’s a voice coil that causes the mirror to oscillate at 50Hz, along with sensors which feed a control circuit to either speed up or slow down the mirror.

Something in that chain is malfunctioning (duh)… either the mirrors physically (possibly intermittently hitting something, or something coming detached throwing off the smooth oscillation), or maybe the optics in the sensor are giving the controller a bad signal, or maybe a wire/connector, or maybe the voice coil is bad, or maybe there’s a problem on the servo controller board (not very likely, since the other eye works fine).

I’d just closely examine and try reseating connectors, cleaning sensors, etc… if none of that fixes it, I’d buy a cheap parts machine with glitchy displays and take the mirror assembly from that one (or swap your good displays into that machine). You can manually flick the mirrors (pull it back and let it go), and make sure it oscillates smoothly. If so, you can probably rule out something physically bad.


One of my VB’s does the same thing. In my case, it doesn’t happen when it first turns on, so I’ve always suspected some kind of thermal problem (like a chip that slowly gets too hot). But, if yours does it all the time, it may not be the same problem, although the symptom is the same. I’m curious about what percentage of VB’s exhibit it.

I’m glad a thread has been opened about this. Hopefully, we can find the source of the problem, and at least one solution to it, just like the display cable issue.


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