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I have a Virtualboy with an AC Adapter Set. This is an 120V adapter. I am from Germany so I would like to use a 230V version. I read somewhere in the internet that I could use an NES or SNES AC adapter. Is that true?

I checked the outputs:

Virtualboy AC adaper:
DC10V 850mA

SNES AC adapter:
AC9V 1300mA

I know that 9V are OK but the original has DC output and the SNES one has AC output. May I realy use it? Is there an DC to AC converter in the Virtualboy adapter tap?

Please help. Thank You very much!

Jan aka Cyberdyne

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As far as I know, you can use a SNES adaptor, but one from the U.S., not from Europe. I had a Spanish SNES and they weren’t compatible. In fact, not even the connections were the same (nor even similar). I use a 110V to 220V conversor, which is the easiest way to play if you have the AC adaptor.

Thank You for the quick answer! Yes, that’s right: The plug is different. That’s why I could not just test if there is a AC to DC converter in the adapter tap. That SNES in America need a DC adapter and in Germany a AC adapter is very strange, too!
I think I have to buy me one of these multi voltage adapters. Or has anyone an other good idea?

You can use almost any 9V/10V DC adaptor.
The problem is the Tap uses the proprietry huge connector.

Your best bet is getting a USA/JPN adaptor, cutting the lead/plug off and connecting it to a ~9VDC supply. That, or some creative rewiring on the VB/Tap.

I use an european super nintendo adapter and it works perfectly well.

The European one must use the huge connector as well.

In Australia we have a normal size DC plug, too small for the Tap.

I live in Spain and the SNES adaptor is a normal size DC plug too, as in Australia. Maybe the UK version has the ultra-big connector, as in the US.

Greeting i got a vb finally and i have both a snes and a nes.I live in Greece and the voltage here is like any european country.I looked behind the snes console where you connect the ac adaptor and it says ac 9 volt. If i connect to my vb will it get toasted?

9V is fine, as long as it’s DC, not AC. Of course it has to physically fit into the tap, and you really should make sure + and – are on the correct pins (sometimes + is inside and – is outside, and other times it’s reversed).


thanks for your quick reply.Both of them are AC adapter…at least thats whats written on them…Oh well i will buy a converter till then its batteries^^

the snes and virtualboy ac adapter is the same one when i got my nintondo ac adapter it said on it (like on the big chunky black part) For use with snes and virtual boy entertainment systems

For Europe systems or US?You mean europe right?

EDIT: i noticed your flag so you probably mean for canada and for what i know canada has the same voltage power with the us 110~140 if i am correct. 😕

ye it was from a us system. the power supply was the extact same unit inch for inch except for the serial number and the fact that the one that came with the virtual boy said for use with snes and v-boy and the snes one only said for use with snes but i always got em mixed up and they were def interchangeable


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