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I am currently in the development stage of building a VB mini. I am using a Raspberry Pi 2 with touch screen module that autoboots into a VB emulator. I am having a friend 3D print a custom VB shell replica in smaller form that will use a Google VR headset for its base. Then I am also customizing a 8bitdo controller to look more VB like. It’s looking like my design will cost about $220 (at cheapest) at this moment.
Sadly I doubt I’d ever build more then one, unless it was a kit (or if you really wanted one).

I can supply the files for the replacement shell for Google VR and 8bitdo for you to do the 3D printing (when they become available). Then I could email you the software to add to your Raspberry Pi.

I’ll provide pictures when they become available. But I am highly excited for this project to be finalized.

I am also having a friend currently edit the current VB emulator for Emulation Station to display dual screens to the module, this might be a bit of a wait. It’s a formatting issue to work better with the module, so it’d look bad on any other device.

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retronintendonerd wrote:
I can’t wait to see the final product! You got this going and finished fairly quick.

It’s absolutely fascinating using Linux for the first time, I’ve learned interesting information that I previously wasn’t aware of. I am actually quite fond of this project.

I decided to give a go at Bound High!, and while gameplay is pleasant the sounds are ear bleeding. I am still attempting to figure out a fix.

After weeks of trying I have finally found out how to get the sounds much better and the frame rate smoother. Now just awaiting the 3D printed parts and my VB Classic will be complete.

That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it in it’s full glory.

A little over a month later, and news:
My project partner and I will be testing out the new 3D printed parts very soon.
These parts include the topper, keyboard overlay with buttons and Pockulus Visor v.1B.

At this moment, my partner is currently perfecting the Visor v.2A, details at a future date.

I will be also posting more pictures of the v.1B (1B is already slightly different then what was offered officially) sometime soon.

The project is definitely still moving forward.

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I think after months of searching I’ve finally found the perfect controller for Pockulus. I can use rubbing alcohol to remove all the logos. It’s also possible to use vinyl red paint and clear coat on the white buttons, then shorten the cable to about 1.5 ft.

*eagerly sits at the edge of her seat*

Another update from my project partner, as things keep moving forward.

More progress is on the horizon for Pockulus… I just wish more people had interest.

Oh wow this is looking good! I bet it’s a blast to use when it’s running.

Yes, I wouldn’t be anywhere with this project if it wasn’t for my friend.

Give your friend a big ol’ high five for me for helping you. This is great to see come to fruition.


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