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I’m in the middle of my A-level exams (I hope this is the correct translation of “Abitur”) and finally found some spare time to update the site again.

Breaking news of the last weeks were the renaming of Pat’s Virtual Boy Page to Project:VB and the announcement of a new Virtual Boy page by a guy called Hangtime! The site, which is tentatively called “Project Fourth Dimension: The Red Dimension” will be about “modding the Virtual Boy and developing for it” and should be launching these days. More soon!

Besides updating the Links, i added some new articlescans from EGM: 11/94, 10/95, 11/95 and 4/96. Some are still waiting to be scanned…

The following two weeks I’ll have to prepare mayself for the history examination. I suck at history, so updates will still be rare, sorry 😉

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