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So there’s an auction on for this ad: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-BLOCKBUSTER-VIDEO-Nintendo-Virtual-Boy-video-game-rental-print-ad-page/282806056468?hash=item41d88df614:g:~z0AAOSwlpZaV99V

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Does anyone know from what magazine it’s from? I’m surprised to see Blockbuster offering other rentals with a coupon making it the same price as the VB rentals… (note that the coupon only applies to Sega Saturn and Playstation!)

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Please tell me you weren’t the person who spent $12.90 on this ad. 🙂

I have no idea what the ad’s from, but my guess would be any of the mid-90s gaming magazines. If I still had all my old GamePros, I could check them.

By the way, and on a tangent here, but Blockbuster was so shady with its “3-day rentals.” They used to hit so many people with late fees because they counted the day you rented something as the first day.

Definitely did not spend money on the ad.

This ad appeared in Electronic Gaming Monthly Issues 76 from November 1995 and 77 from December 1995.

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 76 (November 1995)

Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 77 (December 1995)


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