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I picked up a PSVR on Black Friday, because, you know, VR! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, so finally bit the bullet.

I must say the immersion is awesome. It’s very cool to be able to look around and get that feeling of being there.

One thing I’ve noticed though: Eye strain.

I barely get eye strain with the VB. I can play it for well over an hour and feel fine. With the PSVR, 10 or 20 minutes in I can feel the eye strain. It’s not terrible enough to stop me from playing, but it’s definitely there.

Anyone else find the VB more comfortable on the eyes than the new VR headsets?

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Absolutely, maybe it’s from the full screens that are inside as opposed to dim led’s, but that on top of motion sickness does it for me. I love VR, but playing virtual boy personally for me is still more enjoyable. Once the technology improves later down the road, I might change my mind and give it another go 🙂

I never have eye strain from psvr. I’ve played hours on end of Farpoint. Did you set the software IPD?

I haven’t tried it yet but I can say that Oculus Rift gives me extreme dizziness and nausea from which I have literally got sick.

I’ve played Virtual Boy for hours straight and the worst thing that happened is colors for a moment looked an off shade and light seemed way to bright but within moments everything went back to normal.

mellott124 wrote:
I never have eye strain from psvr. I’ve played hours on end of Farpoint. Did you set the software IPD?

Unless it was part of the setup process I would say no. I don’t remember that being part of the setup… I’ll look through the settings after work and see if I can tweak it. Thanks!

Like Mellott said… set up the IPD. It is part of the set up, but I don’t remember if you had to do it to get started. Just go into settings, and you will see it. It makes the image sharper also.

I’ve had my PSVR for a couple years now, and I love it. At first, I got a little motion sickness… but as you play, you get immune to it. One of my favorite games is Arizona Sunshine. I’ve played through it twice. Oh… and grab the rifle controller also. Makes for a good time.

I’m assuming the IPD setting is the one where it uses the camera to take a picture to “measure” the distance? I tried this, but after measuring my eyes it threw back the default value, so no change. I guess there’s no way to manually change it?


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