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Hi everyone. My name is Domenic and I’m a 4th year Anthropology student at York University. I am taking an anthropology course called “The Cultures of the Web” and had to choose an online community to do a research project on. The goal of this project is to study online communities with the aim of understanding how they were created, how they function, and what they represent for their members. As such I thought the PVB community would be a great choice. This will generally involve me observing, participating, and interviewing. I will be interviewing 4 people (as required by the project guidelines) and they would be 1 hour each. I plan to conduct these interviews throughout February. If you’re interested in being interviewed let me know. This project will be completed by early April. If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me or comment below.

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Sure, I’ll do it.

Great! I’ll pm you.

I’m happy to help if you need folks and can’t find anyone else 🙂

Thanks that would be great! I’ll pm you.


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