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Today we present you the completely renewed unreleased-section, in german and -finally- in english! The demo- and homebrewn sections were also translated.

But wait for the real big thing in this update… in the new section called “Search” you can now find an external searchengine that can be used to search for a keyword through all known Virtual Boy websites! Let’s say you want a list of all pages that have reviewed VB-games, just type in “reviews” and click “.search”. There are already 30 VB-sites in its database and we plan to have much more than 100 pages in it soon. There will also follow an internal searchengine later, that searches through planetVB using the same method. But first all htm-documents on planetVB have to be listed in the database and since there are more than 1500 pages on our site, you can calculate for yourself how much time this procedure will take =( Another section under “Search” is “WWW”, which actually isn’t a special VB-searchengine, but can search 6 different searchengines like Altavista or Lycos.

There were also some cosmetic changes at the planet, on the first look you should notice 2 of them.

Big news also in the VB-scene: Ferry just got the domains http://www.virtual-boy.net and http://www.virtual-boy.org. Omeba and him are now planning to merge their pages together and create a completely new one with a new design, new name and so on under these domains! Alright, when 2 great pages melt together the result can only be fantastic. We are in any case anxious awaiting this new page with anticipated joy.

So… Virtual Boy on!

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