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It has been a long way, but here it finally is, the new Planet Virtual Boy version! It took well over a year with days full of work but also breaks of several months to rebuild the site on the content management system Xoops. Read on for more…

All user data and forum posts were ported, so you can log in right away with your “old” login data. If there are any problems, please let me know by writing a private message or an email to krisse@vr32.de with header “PVB3”.

The integration of membership was greatly improved, note the new userbar directly under the logo, which holds the most important functions. Plus users can present their Virtual Boy collection in their profiles. Also a user’s submissions to the site are listed in the profile, as I thought this would be a good way of crediting people for their efforts. Talking about that, submitting stuff to the site is extremely easy from now on, and works through forms on this site.

The Cheats, Manuals, Reviews, Highscores and Multimedia sections have been merged into the Games section, which now represents an even more central part of the site. You’ll also find new stuff in it, like 3-D screenshots which you can watch using a special applet, which can be configured to work with your 3-D glasses, plus new images and new videos of Space Squash and several public domain projects.

As you can see, not all sections have been ported yet, this will be my work to do in the coming months. But until then the old versions are embedded using an inline frame.

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