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I was wondering, do Japanese Virtual Boys also work on a the American version of the AC Adapter Set or does one need to find a Japanese Tap and Adapter so it doesn’t get damaged?

another question; is it true from what I hear that its not safe to keep a Japanese appliance plugged in for more than 3 hours in an American socket? this was mentioned with the Famicom once but I’m not sure if thats just because its an older console

I don’t currently secretly (or non-secretly) have a Japanese Virtual Boy or have one coming in the mail… I was just curious 😛

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It’s perfectly fine and safe to interchange PSU’s. US and Japan voltage is only 10v-17v difference on average. The big gaming fuss came around when people started to import optical media consoles like Saturn and PS1 from Japan, and complained about the laser lens wearing out quicker (unsure if it’s just a big myth). Personally, I’ve only notice an obvious problem with large appliances like Japanese arcade machines, sometimes there are *faint* wavy lines lines the screen like the capacitors are wearing out if you don’t use a step down converter. For Gaming consoles, Step down converters are just something you can buy if you absolutely need the peace of mind to calm your fears.

I’d only worry about aftermarket “universal PSUs”. If somebody messes with the voltage switch, you can easily fry a console.

You can use the US adapter you already have.

I got some adapters (not virtual boy, I got a step-up converter to get it to work since 240V is a bit much for it) that take anything between 100-240 volts.

Many European only adapters take 220-240 volts. Changes are virtual boy adapters (mine is to far away to look at it for you, I’m so lazy 😛 ) also have a variable voltage input, it should be on a sticker on the AC adapter.


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