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Hey, everyone. I just recently bought a Virtual Boy off eBay, and everything works alright, except for a problem I’m having (well, sometimes having). You see, every now and then, the display konks out, and gets all wierd looking in the left eye. And once, there were vertical lines in the right eye (not horizontal, as I heard most people were experiencing), but that only happened once. The scrambled left eye seems to be a little more continuous (this happened two or three times since I got it; but both eyes currently working fine for some reason).
I’m wondering if maybe I have a faulty Mario’s Tennis cart (I’m currently not able to test on another cart, as I don’t have any other games), or if maybe the ribbon(s) inside the machine were/are a little loose. Unfortunately, I’m assuming it’s the latter. Has anyone had any experience with on-and-off scrambled screens (instead of constant)? Maybe someone could lend a hand here, I’d be very grateful to any help whatsoever. Thanks in advance.
(P.S: If anyone could provide pictures [or a link to a website] as to how to disassemble and show me where the ribbons are, that would be great, as I don’t want to risk further damage to my Virtual Boy without getting proper instructions.)

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Hello, I am stuck in the same situation as you are, only that in my case, I bought the system brand new a few years ago, and the problem is with the right eye. Scrambled graphics, lines, misalinged screen and all that. The strangest part of all this is that I rarely use the VB. It has been well cared for in its box, for most of its life, and only now I have this problem.

This is a common problem.

Over time the glue holding the display cables to the board seems to separate.
DogP is offering a service to reglue the cables. There should be some threads about it somewhere on this forum.


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