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Hello everyone. I’m new here as I just joined Planet Virtual Boy. I personally love the Virtual Boy and happy to see homebrews for it. I have a question regarding my unit. Lately an odd occurrence has been happening to the left screen. There is a wobbling sort of movement when I turn the unit on.This happens on every screen. Even the alignment screen. The screen seems to be moving in a strange wavelike pattern going from right to left. There is nothing else wrong with the screen like scan lines or graphic corruption the whole screen itself is moving but looks perfect besides that. does anybody know what this is? Does it have something to do with the mirrors or could it be a voltage problem?

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Welcome to the forum, SB78!

Here’s the thread/post you were looking for:


Yes. Thats the info I was looking for. Thank you very much for showing me this. I appreciate it.

Any time, my friend; I hope you get your screens fully de-wobbled 😉


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