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I have a familiar story. Haven’t played my VB in awhile so I decided to fire the sucker up recently.

After some initial issues and a bit of fiddling, I’ve got one display working (it seems solid, no glitchy lines) but the other display is just black.

I’ve reseated the cables, and blew everything out with an aircan.

I completely removed the non functioning display and visual inspection seems fine. The glue is holding firm, and I don’t see any major dimples in the cable.

My question is what the recommended path is to take from here? I might pull out my multimeter and see if I have continuity through all the pins on the cable.

I did some searching in the forum but haven’t found anything definite for troubleshooting this specific issue.

Thanks for your time!

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This is the all well too known glitchy display issue. You normally cannot see the glue going bad visually other than the displays not working. You need to repair them and preferably not with any heat trick, only soldering is a proven long term solution.

Just had a pair of displays for repair a few days ago where one cable was completely detached due to the oven trick. I got it repaired this time, but it is harder to do and when it fails, it is as good as irreparable.

I figured as much. I’ve sent some messages to HP Lovethrash, (I’m in the US) just waiting on a response.


Other than the oven trick, is there a temporary fix I can apply before a more perm solution? Like tape it together or something?

I have some friends visiting who have never messed with a VB and really want to check it out.

Great, hope you get it sorted soon! There is no real alternative without risking the cable getting damaged or detached. While the risk is pretty low, I cannot recommend it.

I live in the other side of the world (israel) and H.P. Loverthrash did a good job for me.
The shipping was high but well worth it, he does a good job indeed!

HP Lovethrash has got me up and going again.

Thanks a lot! Works like a charm.


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