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This is a design i’ve been working on for a few weeks. I’ve always wanted a stand that looks like R.O.B the robot. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5642062

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Verry cool, i promptly asked a goof friend with a 3d Printer if his Printer can Print that. Would be verry cool for one of my Virtual Boys in my gaming Room πŸ˜‡πŸ‘
Realy nice Idea, thanks for that.

that is wildly creative and cool. I have a ROB and a VB, and they even set only feet apart from each other, but i never thought of combining the two. Amazing work.

This turned out great! I especially like the idea since I’m fond of the Virtual Boy skin for ROB in Project M. Thank you for sharing!

Finaly a good Friend printed it for me in his 3d Printer and what shoulf i say, its awesome πŸ˜€ i realy love that thing. Thaks you verry much for designing it πŸ™‚

That looks great! I’m so glad someone actually built this! On top of that I’m really happy that you like it.

Yes its awesome πŸ™‚ i love that thing and it makes fits verry good in my Gaming Room.
The only thing i has to use from my original Stand was the VB Holder on Top. But its only with one Screw so its no problem to change it to the Rob the Robot Stand.

Before i forgot, my friend filled the Foot of the Stand with Sand that it gains weight. I dont know how safely it stands without (because i only know it with Sand inside) but i think it could be a improofment that it cant tip over so easy πŸ™‚

That’s a really nice collection. I honestly have mine with a 10% infill with 4 perimeter thick shell and play it weekly with no issues with it tipping over. Do you feel that the added weight really helps? Also about how much weight did they add? I thought about giving it a cavity to hold a weight but after my fist test decided against it. Did they have any issues with printing it?

I dont know how it is without the extra weight but with it it stands realy safe, that i can say :).
I also dont know how much he add i think that much that fits xD.
It has taken much time to print but that will depending on how good your printer is i think (he has his from Aliexpress, its not the cheapest one but i think also not for thousands of euros but it works great).
But i dont think he has much problems with it (he didnt say somethink like that).

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