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Hi there everyone, I just joined very recently and I noticed that there seem to be small stress factures on the screw posts/ports, does anyone else have these? They’re small but they bug me and I know ABS is prone to this is too much stress is experienced.

My question is about whether anyone else has managed to make 3D models of the bottom/top shells that could possibly be 3D printed with ABS, or if there are any means by which I could be prepared to tackle this issue. Thanks!

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I doubt if your VB is about to fall apart into a pile of ABS dust and electronic bits 😉 but, if it would give you peace-of-mind, one possible “fix” (i.e. “preventative measure”) for the screw posts would be to wrap a piece of thin string (e.g. fishing line) around the post a few times, tie it off tight, then secure it with a drop or two of a cyanoacrylate adhesive (e.g. “Krazy Glue” aka “Kra-Gl-e”).

Reinforcement could also be done with a “3D printer pen” and some ABS filament. Just add a ring/sleeve of ABS around the post, and make sure there’s good adhesion between the two. Check that there’s going to be room for it, first, though.

I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like this on the “ports”, though. Do you have a photo? Are you referring to the controller, link, and headphone jacks?

Hi RunnerPack, thanks for the ideas! Will apply that ABS ring as that seems like the best bet for me, though I doubt any force I could apply could possibly be the straw that breaks its “back.”

Yeah I’ll send some photos, those are the ports I’m referring to.

Sorry to bump a dead thread but any scope on 3d printing the controller’s shell at some point? I accidentally dropped mine onto the carpet today (not a hard surface but still), the controller is fine but I’d like to be prepared for the future just in case!


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