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Hello to all here and thanks for a great collection of useful information.

I have just recently acquired my first V Boy. i have cut my teeth by making my own tool to open the beast – luckily only the ribbon had come out of the connector, so no oven needed!

After reading the VB manual i noticed a sequence of button press takes me to the alignment screen. My VB is out of alignment and the short vertical lines are just below the long horizontal one.

I have searched here and there seems to be little on how to realign the VB.

Can anyone help me?


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IIRC there’s two torx screws that you can loosen to move the plastic piece that the displays attach to. In this pic, not the small phillips screws, but the bigger torx ones: . That’s the only easy adjustment for alignment that I know about… if somehow the mirrors are out of alignment, there’s a few other screws on the assembly, but you might need to remove the entire mirror assembly to get to them.



Thanks for the information!

Another question; how is the alignment image made up? does each display output one of the vertical lines? or does one do the horizontal and the other the vertical?

One horizontal, one vertical, or it wouldn’t work 😉




so which is left eye and which right?

The left eye shows a horizontal line, and the right eye shows the vertical lines.


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