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Here are two very complete sound rip sets of Red Alarm and VB Wario Land. Those were done in 2007 by Blue_Kirby2, but somehow escaped my attention until recently.

Red Alarm Game Rip
VB Wario Land Game Rip

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Are they recordings or actual copying of the digital data from the rom file?

Both of them are line-in recordings, but they’re probably the best rips that are out there currently. Is it even possible to do digital extractions on the music files from VB games? Back in 2007 I was told that was impossible – I’d love to be proven wrong on that, though! (Yes, I’m Blue_Kirby2… I’ve switched to a different name since I don’t like it anymore. :P)

Recordings, no fancy hacked stuff. 😉

Edit: You beat me, Basil. Welcome, by the way. 🙂

I think it was DogP that found a sample header in a rom-file and extracted full wav samples from it – I thought it could have been something like that.

Good rips, yes, but they end with a fadeout. And I’ve noticed that The Final Stage repeats a couple of times (maybe also other ones, I haven’t checked them all yet). Anyway, they’re stereo, which I personally find annoying sometimes, but some may like that.

Damn, he beat me to it. I was going to make a soundtrack for each of the games with a sound test. Nice work!

There’s still enough other games, jojobean. 🙂

You can now listen to/record a large number of SFX-free game soundtracks from VBJin with the MusicSelect.lua script. Music ripping notes have been made for games that aren’t directly compatible with the Page Up/Page Down music select method. Completing the entire game list is an ongoing project.


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