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If you think you’ve seen everything, watch Keith Apicary‘s ultimate Virtual Boy head-strap destruction tour in his hilarious new music video below and think again… You want that suit now, don’t you?

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Pretty awesome! I love the clips of falling around in stores and such, I’m sure the managers were real happy with him. One thing bothers me though, did he say the VB is a 24-bit system in there?

VERY nicely done! I love it! Very cool that the Daft Punk person made the suit for free, got to love those kind of people. Keep up the reckless Virtual Boy playing!

The suit cost $1,200 but still awesome that she made it. The video is now on Youtube for easier sharing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAtrkMGNp0o

That video is hilarious and priceless! Yes, I want that suit! 🙂

I’d like to have that headstrap. Playing might be bit hard on nesck muscles, but the better adjustability of playing position should compensate for that.

I have watched this 4 times! I love when he knocks over the bra rack at Target!

See the raw footage here

My favorite part is when he falls into the dumpster from a fairly high height. I was watching the video at work, and when I saw that part, I laughed so much, for about 15 minutes, that tears filled my eyes. It’s a good thing that nobody walked by my office during those 15 minutes, or they surely would have questioned what I was “working on.”

Tell me where you made this video.Also tell me where you got that suit.


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