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Heey guys. I still own and love my Virtual Boy even though I own a Oculus by now. Fixed by our EU ribbon cable solder god TheForce81 it still has flawless screens after one year.

BUUUT one thing already was not that nice a year ago and now goes on my nerves too much.

*put right naming here* made of red see through plastic are in sorry shape, one with scratches and one halfway broken from the very beginning I think it might need a replacement. Anyone having some left for me?

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OT: Why is that guy pulling plastic parts off of working VBs?! Also, that price is ridiculous.

I have already made accurate 3D models of these. If anyone has experience working with CNC-machined injection molds (or with the companies who produce said molds and plastic parts therefrom), I can send you the file and we could get some reproductions made.

I was actually thinking once of seeing if a local art-glass studio would be able to make glass versions of them, which would be much more sturdy and scratch-resistant (but also quite expensive, of course; though maybe not even as expensive as the ones from that eBay lunatic :-P).

I don’t support what this guy did to a working system at all aaaand I’m not in the US, so, this is no option for me. I have a 3D printer, but as precise it ever might be… (Precise enough to produce a refraction due to the thin layers) not precise enough for optical stuff to look through (and I have no transparent filaments). If anyone has the right stuff to do that (SLA printer anyone?) or has a dead VB with parts for me … I want one pair ^^ In that case even for that price seen on ebay.


I just found out about this: http://www.apsx.com/APSX-PIM-s/110.htm

Anyone have an extra ten to fifteen grand kicking around? 😛

As near as I can tell, you still need to make molds for this, so you have to add the cost of a CNC or manual milling machine (unless you want to carve them by hand).

BTW, I’m guessing that “removed from a working VB” is just boilerplate meaning “these parts are known to work” (which doesn’t really make sense in the context of a piece of clear plastic, but whatever…)

I managed to remove some very deep scratches with toothpaste: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=5532&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0

Yours looks like it is broken all the way through though.


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