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Hey all,

I’ve decided to create some repair PCBs for the VB lenses so that folks can create their own. If there’s interest, I’ll have some made, but I am releasing the files for all to use/sell/whatever. The DN version uses a mezzanine connector so no more blind soldering. The TD version is the traditional blind soldering method (pcb directly on lens vs connector on lens and pcb/snap together). The DN version is about $5 in parts, and TN $3.

I don’t feel these boards are necessary as a first step. Often times a solder fix will work just fine, and in fact, that’s what I do 99% of the time. It’s only when I’ve determined a flex is bad (usually from folds in shipping or failed repair attempts) that I replace it. Up til know I have been using RetroDan’s cables. When I run out of stock of those I’ll probably revert to these as they are slightly cheaper to have made.


Update 2/5/24: I have now put boards into production. I will sell them at minimal cost just to get them out in the wild. The next update should include some installation photos.

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