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Hey everyone, I have an old VB system that’s still in awesome shape except for one part… the stand.

I guess at some point I broke the clip that holds the system into the stand, so that only the display side of the clip is intact and the system can slide backwards off the stand.

Has this ever happened to you, and if so, how did you fix it?

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I have one like that, too. Unfortunately, I got it like that, and don’t have the missing chunk. If so I’d just glue it back on. I still have my first stand intact, so I haven’t tried to repair it…

If you’re also missing the chunk, you could try to find a suitable piece of ABS to replace it with and glue it on.

If you have any tools, maybe you could bend a sheet of aluminum to the right shape and use rivets, epoxy, etc. to attach it.

Really, you’re only limited to those skills, materials, and tools you have or can obtain.

Let us know how it turns out.

Good luck

yeah if you have the piece, use good epoxy (TEST IT FIRST ON SOMETHING ELSE) or Krazy Glue. Don’t buy imitation Krazy Glue, shell out the extra couple bucks for the real stuff. I used the fake stuff for years and just a week ago bought a tube of the real deal and it’s a world of difference when repairing plastics.


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