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Not VB related, but I know a lot of you have insane Nintendo collections and are technically savvy, so I’m hoping someone can help me out with this one.

I’ve recently picked up a couple pre-Famicom Nintendo systems — specifically Color TV Game 15 and Color TV Game Block Kuzushi.

Both are are in pretty decent working condition, but their RF signals seem weak and I’m worried about leakage from 40-year-old electrolytic caps.

I’d like to recap them, and to do that I’m obviously going to have to open them up. I’m a little confused about exactly how to go about disassembling them, though, since they have a bunch of faceplate switches and knobs that seem like they will have to removed somehow. I don’t want to start yanking on things indiscriminately.

Has anyone ever run across a decent iFixit-style teardown guide for these systems? Even if it’s in Japanese, as long as there are good photos I can probably work with it.

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I assume you saw this, tho it doesn’t show how to disassemble it.

Yeah, I know about that. Might be helpful. But there has to be something more detailed out there somewhere.

I decided to be brave and just dive in with a screwdriver. It turns out these things are actually very easy to open. All the faceplate controls are on a daughterboard, so the two halves of the case come apart without any fuss.

And there are barely any caps in there at all, so I guess I’ll stop worrying about that for now.

Here’s what Block Kuzushi looks like on the inside, if anyone is curious.


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