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So I’m new to VB and I want to get a full release eventually. I found a jack bros semi reasonably and I want to know if there is an easy way to tell a repro vs real.

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Aside from homebrews, repros of imports, and unreleased games, I’m not even sure if there are counterfeits of Jack Bros going around.

There definitely are for the Japanese titles but that’s a little different for identifying..

Do you have a pic of the game that seller is offering?

The repros I’ve seen was missing the Atlus logo, nintendo seal and the region code on the label. Also the virtual boy and rating logos were different

This image is a repro.

For reference

The post above is 100% correct. The repro does not have ATLUS logo, the Nintendo Seal logo, or the code # for the game, and the rating and Virtual Boy log are also different.

There are repros of Jack bros. made by Mellot, check out his page its online just search Mellot’s VR and you can see the pics of all the games he makes and what the logo looks like for Jack Bros and other games. He sells them for $75 + shipping so its about $82 shipped for a repro of a game.

In all honesty, aside from the logo on the outside the game is exactly the same, unless you are a total completionist and really care about the specific sticker on it, the repro is just as good, especially for the price, considering a loose Jack Bros. is at an absolute bare minimum $200+ if you can even find it that cheap, but more like $250+ these days with prices rising everytime one is posted.

How does that gameboy emulator cart he sells work?

Jack Bros is a bare minimum of 300 for some months now, some going higher depending on dumbass behavior. I’ve been eyeing it out of curiosity.

So I faced this site via an offered Hyper Fighting Demo-Game on eBay:


Is this a new shop? I don‘t know what I should think about that. On one hand it‘s great to see that they release also other homebrew-cartridges that I never saw in the past and which were only playable (as far as I know) via flashboy. On the other hand they release also repros/ copies of games like Jack Bros., and 1:1 copies of rare japanese games like Virtual Lab and Space Invaders. I mean, the Virtual Boy is so special for collectors BECAUSE there is sometimes such a low number of games… This is not fair for the collectors who got/ earned these games in the past. I also do not own a japanese Virtual Lab or Space Invaders, but this is what made me think that Virtual Boy is unique.

I see the danger that Virtual Boy gets from a super-special collectors item to a very normal collectors item…

But maybe my point of view is wrong. What is your opinion about that?

Well one could easily argue that the inflated horribly high priced Japanese games are why re-pops need to exist both to tamp down on the disgusting costs but also so you can have a physical game that’s also been translated into english rendering the (like Gundam) playable.

I get the paranoia but it is what it is and in the end even 1:1 should be welcomed as it’s a means to and ends depending what each persons end is.

I would argue though more against that site for one not being clear what is a repop and original since their invenstory in stock doesn’t note that so you can only assume by sticker which is dangerous.

The huge one though to me is the question of HOW? Do they manufacture new pin connectors and carts, shells, stickers? Or are they being complete a-holes and gutting actual original games for parts? I’d consider this a reason alone for sweep and kill tactics on that considering how few copies of the games exist given how short the system life and total sales were. Not that I’d approve of nuking any old game, but while the NES may have 10m of some cart, you can’t get more than a 1:1 cut of Mario Tennis and the rest would be quite a few less and down from there as time went along and the inevitable death of VB was at hand.

Yes, they are using original cartridges… see below a screenshot of their FAQ-site


That’s all I can really add to that. They are butchers.

I get their weak argument the VB was dropped and there are unsold stock, but is this really the best way killing off games like that?!


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