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Oki this is just a quickie post. Word has gotten out that reproduction carts will be made soon. And, I can confirm that. But…

I’m caught with my pants down..we still have things up in the air on this. I do not having pricing yet..or when they will be ready. Please just relax for a day or less..and I’ll post more information. We will not be taking pre-orders at this time..I do not have pricing info yet. I can say that I am working closely with UncleTusk and MindStorm, and I will give more detailed information very soon.


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bigmak wrote:
… caught with my pants down… still have things up in the air…


vboy get’s me horny πŸ˜›

where is the hardware coming from? will these be flashboy boards? will there be labels printed and attached for the customer? will donors be required? finally, how will you address games with battery assisted saves?

i’m mostly curious about the last one as i’ve wanted a wario land reproduction cart with a battery cage. i love the idea of being able to swap a battery as apposed to soldering.

This is very good news! I’ve wanted a repro of space pinball for a while now! πŸ˜€

Let’s see..donor carts will be used, but is not supplied by the customer..we will be providing the carts. Boards similar if not the same as flashboys will be used. Labels will be on the carts. For battery assisted games..sram and a battery will be used. At this time there are no plans to make carts that you can buy on your own (wario land).

This might change..but at the moment we are going to be doing batches of 50 (?). Starting with Bound High and then Space Pinball. It’s not sure..but I will ‘push’ for an English translation of gundam next. If there is more bound high needed..another 50 batch will be made ect..

Homebrew games will be done with the permission of the coder. We will do these in 50 batches also.

Do not pre-order on this post..we aren’t doing that yet…UncleTusk will have more information very soon :).


Thats great to hear. I might get a Space Pinball cart.

Thats great news. I hope we get some Dragon Hopper repro carts soon also πŸ˜‰

thank you for the additional information. i am one of the few who received both bound high and space pinball. the next reproductions i really want are the english translation for gundam, mario clash with the two patches applied (controller fix and selectable level), and of course wario land with a battery cage. if retail game reproductions are done then i’ll jump at the opportunity. if there is a chance to buy a 1-off of those games, please let me know. i would not ask for you guys to make a full run of 50 carts just because i like patches and/or i don’t know how to solder well. =P

are you guys planning to make reproduction boxes at all or just carts?

how are you going to handle carts hitting eBay? what concerns do you have about that?

you guys might want to consider taking pre-orders for a few months then making just enough carts to fill the orders. making batches of 50 means killing lots of mario tennis carts as donors. i would think that you would want to only use up as few real carts as possible. which would mean filling the demand without any waste. perhaps something to think about?


DrEvil wrote:
Thats great news. I hope we get some Dragon Hopper repro carts soon also πŸ˜‰

To know a ROM exists would be enough to alleviate & shrink the gapping hole this missing game puts in my reality.

Once more does anyone anywhere know of its existence currently? (cart or ROM)

Oh yeah top job fellas good to see this is back again, and shame on whoever messed it up in the first place, hex on them and all their saved games, may they all be corrupt and fail to load.

a long time ago before I was a member of PVB I saw it on ebay(Dragon Hopper)
but I didn’t have the funds to bid on it.

How certain are you that it was, in fact, Dragon Hopper? I would think that other members of this site would have surely seen it on Ebay as well. Do you remember the amount that it sold for?

No but it did say in the discription that it was a very rare game:P

Great news! It would be great to have a Bound High! and Space Pinball cart.

I’ll just add. The donors will be from brand new old stock and the labels will be much nicer than the one’s I did (on my laser printer).

It’ll be just like you bought it in a shop.

Would you consider printing any other labels? I have tons of designs for Famicom carts and gameboy carts I’ve hung on while lookign for a suitable printingg service.

MineStorm wrote:
… the labels will be much nicer than the one’s I did (on my laser printer).

It’ll be just like you bought it in a shop.

If that is the case, then I hope a new label will be included in the box and manual combo for Bound High, for those of use who already have Bound High carts but with lesser quality labels.

Thanks guys this is great news on the Repos. I like the idea of a CIB of space pinball cos lets face it its like a prequel of Galactic Pinball.


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