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Hello there,

I am interested in the Retroonyx Rumble Pack Adapter, but it comes with USA only AC/DC adapter:

Since I am sitting in Germany and using my VB with an AC-adapter tab and the power supply for EU from retrogamesupply
Power Supply for Nintendo Virtual Boy (Japanese Version)

I wanted to ask how I possibly can modify / use a converter to get this rumble pack working with my setup?

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I used a Converter Plug, you can buy these on Amazon or Ebay. On my Runblepack is a 100-220V compatible ac/dc adapter only the Plugs itself dosent fit. If yours also can handle up to 220V then you only need a simple Plug Converter for 3-5€. If its a 100/110V Only then you need the morr expensive and bigger ones that also convert 220v to 110V. You can see it on the Label on your Plug. But i think it will be the same for all Rumbles so a simple Plug Converter should be enough :).

Im also from germany but i thought i write in English that everyone can understand 🙂 if you have morr questions just send me a PM in German 🙂

Thank you very much for your reply!
I have sent you a PM.


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