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I just tried out a virtual boy that I bought of ebay for the first time and it seems the right display doesn’t turn on at all. Am I screwed or can this be fixed?

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Hey, KR155E, maybe you could hack the forum so a new user has to view every sticky thread and use the prominently displayed and quite large search box at least once before posting…

Even better: the post isn’t submitted if it doesn’t contain the term(s) searched for.

Even better than that: not having to use software compensate for laziness and ignorance.

Maybe the search box could have a white or light gray background, so it would be even more noticable.

Heh… is it really such a big deal? I mean… do we have so much traffic here that we can’t just kindly redirect them to the sticky (and maybe a jab of “ehem… sticky”)? 😉

I assume there’s quite a few people that have the display problem, and most probably find the sticky (and move along with the information there without posting), but on occasion one gets by 😛 .



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