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This has been happening for a while, and I’m finally reporting it 😀

Sometimes the right column on the news page (“Did you know…”, Recent posts, etc.) doesn’t appear. It usually comes back when I refresh, but its still mildly annoying…

I know you’re busy, but if you could take a look at it when you get a chance, that would be great.


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I’ve never had that problem… are you using IE/Firefox/etc? I always use Firefox, so if it’s a problem with IE, I dunno.


it happens, for example, if you select another language while being on the frontpage. it’s one of the problems of the xoops system, so i had to hack it to fix that. it does not happen often, so i never bothered to look into it. anyone else finding it too annoying to not getting fixed? 😉

I use Opera 9.24, and I don’t go through the front page (I bookmarked the news page) so it isn’t the same problem, but could be related to it or to the hack.

with frontpage i meant the first page with news and blocks. but yeah, when logging in through the start page (www.vr32.de) the same happens, i think.
it’s probably the post vars interfering somehow?

I think I narrowed it down to some code that’s called when a “?PHPSESSID=” is added to the “http://www.vr32.de/modules/news/index.php” URL.

If I delete that, the sidebar loads.

found the problem, but in kernel/module.php, line 389.

if (preg_match(“/[^\?]*index\.php$/i”, $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]) && $xoopsConfig[‘startpage’] == $this->getVar(‘dirname’))

the preg_match makes the right hand column disappear when any get variable is attached to the address.
only removing the preg_match or the [^\?] from it would not work, because i don’t want the side bar show when reading articles for example, but only on the start page.
so now i only have to fully understand that logic to allow the ?lang variable. 😉 does anyone have a link or keyword to search for?

EDIT: finally fixed this. 🙂

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