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PVB CODING COMPETITION Rules (as of 05/01/2008)

General Rules:

– Deadline for entries is 10/01/2008 0:00 GMT+1 (5 months).

– Any type of program running on the Virtual Boy or a Virtual Boy emulator is allowed, be it a game, demo, application, emulator, port or anything else.

– Every project has to have the official PVB Coding Competition splash screen (Download here).

– Multiple entries are allowed, but each individual can only get one prize (i.e. if someone’s projects place 1st and 2nd, he will get the 1st prize, while the 2nd prize will be awarded to the 3rd placed entry).

– Any project, which already saw a public release before 01/05/2008, is not allowed to participate. In special cases, exceptions can be made, though, if for example a project has been significantly improved since its initial release.

– After the deadline, a community vote will find the winner. The vote will be secret, every user registered before 01/05/2008 can vote. Sorry to everybody who is excluded by this, but it is a precautionary measure so that nobody can vote using fake accounts.

– Of course users registered before 05/01/2008 can take part in the competition and send in a project, though. In that case, this user will also be able to vote.

– Prizes are:
1st: FlashBoy #100 (Special edition black cartridge) + PVB Shirt
2nd: PVB Shirt + Mario’s Tennis (J)
3rd: PVB Shirt
(Winners can choose between the two PVB Shirt models. More about those here. Available sizes: Version 1: S, M; Version 2: S, M, L, XL)

Project Submission:

– Open a thread in the Coding Competition forum for your project and attach it to the post.

– As the topic title, please use the name of your project plus the prefix “[ENTRY]”, so entries can better be seen (for example “[ENTRY] Pacman”).

– You can post as many versions as you want and gather feedback from the community.

The main prize:

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Could you post the VIDE project containing the PVBCC logo?, I’m trying to loading it in my engine, but I can’t make it work because in the MAP already has information about the char’s displacement in the char memory which my program takes care of.


oops, right! i updated the zip file.

Thanks Krisse.



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