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Hey, back after long hiatus from the forum. I am now have some programming skills in C and OpenGL and some Assembly (not that openGL will help but I have a better understanding of graphics transformations and whatnot because of it.). The only game I’ve programmed myself in c so far has been an ascii dungeon game and a 3 week rushed clone of berzerk in opengl, but hey that’s a start anyway. So I was gonna fudge around with the virtual boy sample demo but to my suprise its down. anyone got it? THanks.

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I changed the content file structure in the meantime, so the links no longer work(ed). Here’s the demo:


Cool, thanks. I was looking over it and noticed the while loop in the code. Does VB not have a built in idle function for this sort of thing? Also does VB allow threading?

Just quick questions, simple yes or now answers will suffice, I’ll probably answer my own question soon enough anyway.

No… the VB doesn’t idle, because it doesn’t have threads. It’s just native execution of your code… no OS or anything else.



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