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while adding savegame support to blox 2 i just noticed a bug(?) in reality boy: when the emulator is closed, a big part of the saveram is filled with zeros, everything from 0x1000 up to 0x1fff (eof) is overwritten. is this an emulator bug or can i be doing something wrong? i mean using the saveram is as simple as copying values to a certain address, like *(SAVERAM+offset) = value; (or using copymem), right?

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That’s the correct way to access it… when I get home from work I’ll check if I see the same bug. I assume it does it with commercial games that use the SRAM also?


yes, it does. it seems as if commercial games only use the space up to that address, though. ~_? at least no save games get corrupted by that. if you have a look at the galactic pinball ram file, it ends exactly at 0xFFF, while all necessary data (high score tables) is stored before that address.

if i save something at an address beyond 0x1000, then quit the emulator, it is there. but after starting and closing the emu again, everything beyond 0x1000 is zeroes, so i think it’s a problem with saveram initialization.

i will email david about that.


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