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I just bought a boxed copy of VB Wario Land (US) off of eBay, and the save feature won’t work. Whenever I turn off the system for more than about half a second, the game erases all data. Does anybody have any idea what’s causing the problem (I think the battery is dead) and whether or not I might be able to fix it myself? Or, should I just return the game? I want to try out the game really badly because everyone says it’s the best game for the system. Thanks!

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Sounds like a dead battery to me. It is replacable by desoldering the old one and soldering in a new one.


Are the batteries in the VB carts the same batteries that are in the NES/SNES/N64 carts?

I’m not sure if they’re the exact same ones… it’s been a while since I’ve opened any of those carts, but I seem to remember them being larger than the ones in the VB.

Here’s a pic of the VB cart/battery:


I still don’t get it why Nintendo chose to use volatile RAM instead of flash RAM.


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