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on the dissecting the VB page it says the screws could be replaced (read: bought somewhere). Can somebody point me in the right direction what kind I need? Like, DIN or other norms, most preferrable European or German measure?

I figured I needed 2 x 13 mm or 2.5 x 13 mm, but the smallest there was at the biggest hardware store I was up to drive to today was 3.5 x 13 and these were wood screws 😐

So, any pointers, thanks,



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Tach…..das sind Maschienen Schrauben….gibts oft im Baumarkt garnicht oder an einer ganz anderen Stelle als die Holzschrauben.Solche Schrauben gibts im Eisenwarenhandel…ich weiß nicht wo du wohnst aber google einfach mal Eisenwarenhandel+deine stadt.
Viel erfolg

Aber ich brauch ja immer noch irgendwie genaue Info wonach ich suche.

But I still need some clearer info what I’m looking for…



Hmm… I just took the original screw with me to the hardware store and bought the closest size. Every screw they had was a little bit too long and had a pointed tip, so I just cut it to the correct length with a dremel. The width and thread of the screw was the same though.


Speaking of screws, even the “extra long” gamebits don’t fit down inside the deep holes on the VB. Wish I had a dremel….


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