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In the toolbar, under the search box, there are check boxes to limit the search. When I’m on the News page, the PVB box defaults to unchecked and the only other box is News, which defaults to checked.

This is kind of annoying because I usually want to search either the whole site or just the forums, but rarely ever just the news.

If possible, I think it should be changed to a drop-down list that defaults to “All of PVB” (or whatever) and includes PVB, Forums, News, Highscores, Wiki, etc.

If that’s too much trouble, maybe just do two radio buttons, “PVB” and “Forum only”, that don’t switch when you change pages and optionally remember their state.

I personally didn’t mind the old search that returned the results by section, but if you’re trying to save bandwidth or server CPU usage or something, that’s okay.


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Hmm, I don’t get the problem. To search the whole site, just check the “PVB” box, to search only on the forums, go to the forums or only select forum when you are already on the search page.

Well, I understand how to use them, I was just explaining that I don’t like how they work. 😛


ok, now i get it. it’s a good point you have there. i think i am gonna implement your second idea. which means, i’ll just add a “forum” radio button after “pvb”, which will be always there. so it will be like “pvb”, “forum” and “this section”. remembering ones selection should also be doable, either with cookies or saving it to the database.


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