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I am going to be putting up some of my collection on Ebay soon and was wondering what you all think I could get out of it?I want to do a buy it now type deal as bidding wars fluctuate too much and I don’t want to sell it too low as I have a good amount invested.Here is what I am thinking of selling as one whole lot,I may sell it all in separate auctions if I can possibly get more out of it though.

“Complete system in very good condition with stand,Eye Shade,controller and AC Tap/Adapter.13 games,all us releases except Jack Bros.(I’m keeping that),all loose carts with dust caps except I have the box for Wario Land,Manual for Teleroboxer and the box/manual for Panic Bomber.”

I’m converting all my loose games to boxed/complete/mint games so that is why I’m selling.I also still have 3 other VB’s,1 Brand new in the box so I may get rid of another system as well.What do you think the above mentioned should get me?

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Nice collection

The virtual boy sounds like its in brilliant condition

that would probably sell for 100-200 bucks with all the peices how ever i have seen on Ebay that people sell the peices seperately and probably get more in the end

example: 100 bucks for VB with stand head unit, controller everything you need.

example: controller sells for 35, head unit sells for 45, stand sells for 30

maybe even more, and then you gain an extra 10 or so dollars

lots of people have got broken stands or controllers etc and dont want to buy the whole thing all over again cause theyre missing a peice to complete the VB.

about the games, i’d sell them seperately as for someone might be looking for a particular one not wanting to buy 10 of them since they already have say 5 of them

They all have individual prices and combining them all together forcing people to pay alot when they only want maybe one of them may put them off.

as for the wario land with box no manuals or instructions, im sure someone would buy that as well as they could buy one of them ‘repair and store your virtual boy cartirdges’ or something i forgot what its called, it has some manuals, the boxing inside and the plastic to protect the game, but no box art.

i want wario land with its box, id be happy to buy the other thing to have a manual etc.

as for teleroboxer yeah sell them with the manual i see alot of them, they go for a bit more then what the cartirdge would just sell for, as well as panicbomber.

Buy it now’s are great as for i dislike auctions sometimes, i just want to get the game over and done with, as long as its the right price, im not sure exactly on the price of each individual game is though.

maybe auction a few off and ones where you know its price and what it exactly for that price then put it as a buy it now.

and make sure you sell all of it worldwide if you do it seperately, theire is plenty of australians and other places like me who have trouble getting some of the games cause no one sells them worldwide..

it also brings a wider audience of people who are missing a game or so.

Hope i’ve helped you a bit.


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