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Oki, trying to follow the directions. Maybe I downloaded a later version of gccVB ? When I was setting up the command line in UltraEdit, I couldn’t find the gccvb\bin\make.bat file. I found a make_v810.sh. So right now my command line is
\vb_v810_gcc_03\make_v810.sh %P%N.

My command line for reality boy is
Reality Boy\reality_boy.exe %P%N.vb -dspmode side -pallet red

I’m not sure about the ‘-dspmode side -pallet red’ yet. This was just the example shown and I was trying to get it to run. After I get it working I’ll tweak it to what I want to see.

The buttons are set up, so that part was pretty easy.

Now after I get those fixed. Just wondering how to use the frontend. Now I know the c code is in the editor. So I save it and hit the gccVB to compile the code into vb right ? then after I hit that button do i just hit the RB button to run it ? or something else ? With the c code in the editor do I have to have all other files in the same folder of the c ? does the gccVB just get those files and put them with the code in the editor to create the .vb code ?

Also in the directions, it refers to pictures on the right. I didn’t see anything myself.


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It sounds like you’re trying to use the latest gccVB version… I believe that document was written up for using it with the older version. The older version is easier to set up since you don’t need to install Cygwin and compile the compiler. The old version you can just unzip and start using.



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