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How about everyone gives details about there VB collection? Here’s mine –

Virtual Boy System – In Box w/ all includes
Virtual Boy Adapter – In Box w/ all includes

Mario’s Tennis – Cartridge only …
Wario Land – In Box w/ all includes
Mario Clash – In Box w/ all includes
Panic Bomber – In Box w/ all includes
Nester’s Funky Bowling – In Box w/ all includes
Red Alarm – In Box w/ all includes
Vertical Force – In Box w/ all includes
Golf – In Box w/ all includes
Virtual League Baseball – In Box w/ all includes
3D Tetris – In Box w/ all includes
Galactic Pinball – In Box w/ all includes
Teleroboxer – In Box w/ all includes
Water World – In Box w/ all includes

Mario’s Tennis – In Box w/ all includes
Virtual League Baseball – In Box w/ all includes
V-Tetris – In Box w/ all includes
Panic Bomber – In Box w/ all includes
Red Alarm – In Box w/ all includes
Vertical Force – In Box w/ all includes

Nintendo Power 20 Page Coverage of Virtual Boy

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Been collecting Virtual Boy stuff for a few months now but as i’m in the UK it’s tough going and you have to be prepared to pay through the nose if you seriously wan’t to get them all.

I remember trying to get a VB in about 1999 from a “retro” shop in Blackpool England but we ended up getting seriously drunk and it slipped my mind….. For about 4 years .. yes it really was that good a drinking session!.

Anyway here’s what i’ve managed to get hold of with a bit of effort and a “money no object” approach – most of its in the last few weeks TBH.

Virtual Boy – US – MIB All Docs etc.
Virtual Boy – JAP – MIB All Docs etc.
Virtual Boy – US – + Stand Controller etc + UK Converted PSU/ACTAP (The one I play on).
Earphones – JAP – MIB

Mario Tennis – US – Inpack Version (unopened).
Mario Tennis – US – Display Only Version box.
Mario Tennis – JAP – MIB (Sealed).
Mario Tennis – JAP – MIB (Scruffy Box).
Mario Tennis – JAP – MIB.

Teleroboxer – US – MIB
Teleroboxer – US – Cart only.
Teleroboxer – JAP – MIB
Teleroboxer – JAP – MIB

Mario Clash – US – MIB
Mario Clash – US – Cart only.
Mario Clash – JAP – MIB
Mario Clash DEMO – JAP – MIB

V-Tetris – JAP – MIB
V-Tetris – JAP – MIB

Warioland – US – MIB
Warioland – US – Cart Only
Warioland – JAP – MIB

Baseball 95 – US – MIB
Baseball 95 – JAP – MIB
Baseball 95 – JAP – MIB

Red Alarm – US – MIB
Red Alarm – US – Cart Only
Red Alarm – JAP – MIB

Galactic Pinball – US – MIB
Galactic Pinball – JAP – MIB

Vertical Force – US – MIB
Vertical Force – US – Cart Only
Vertical Force – JAP – MIB
Vertical Force – JAP – MIB

Nester’s Funky Bowling – US – MIB

3D Tetris – US – MIB
3D Tetris – US – Cart Only

Panic Bomber – US – MIB
Panic Bomber – JAP – MIB
Panic Bomber – JAP – MIB (Scruffy Box)

Golf – US – MIB
Golf – JAP – MIB

Jack Bros – US – MIB
Jack Bros – JAP – MIB

Waterworld – US – MIB (This game sucks more than the film)

Virtual Fishing – JAP – MIB

Space Squash – JAP – MIB (Well box isn’t 100% but not bad)

Space Invaders Virtual Collection – JAP – MIB

Virtual Bowling – JAP – MIB

(Yep Virtual Bowling cost alot – paid more than I should have but thats just tough i wans’t going to quibble and mess around for the sake of £100 or so – just don’t ask how much :o))

Basically being in the UK means I’m never going to get anything cheap as you will never find anything at all in second hand stores.

That’s it as of today but i’ve got the following incoming within the next few weeks as the arrangements have been made and a rough price agreed on.. Gundam condition dependant.

Virtual Lab – JAP – MIB (Sealed)
Insmouse No Yakata – JAP – MIB
SD Gundam Dimension War – JAP – (Condition not known – awaiting photos).

Other Stuff:
Nintendo power mags: 69 – 89 (a couple missing).
3D show Glasses x3

What I want:
Red Alarm DEMO.
Boxed Eyeshade.
Hard Carry Case (The BB one for my “play” version VB)
A dump of any proto game ;P
The Hong Kong Module (Multi Cart – if it Exists)
VB Cap
The promo cards.
Any other old tat thats got VB related stuff on it :o)

Well I don’t think I’ve done too bad in the time frame and living in the UK. I will never make any money from this but I like the system (I may sell the whole lot in the future but I suspect it would be at a loss), I can see why it failed but it’s just so damn cool anyway, some people have no taste – yet we suffer through their lack of vision. Not once has it affected my eyes but you notice how it misses a link up capability (yep i know it can link but it should have been available from day one – mario tennis etc)

Hopefully the proto’s will surface dumped onto carts for us to buy at some point. I fear this will not happen now as Nintendo seem to once again recognise that the system exists.


i got the special value pin now, i updated my collection!

we plan a new part in the community section. we would like to have a collection part in there. so everyone who thinks his collection is worthy to present them,and when i look around here some really does!, do some pics and write a few sentences about your collection and send it over to me. i would really appreciate that. i will do that with my collection on the weekend to give the one or other an example.

Finally got my copy of Gundam sorted out :-).

So i’ve not got much left to get game wise now.

Only Virtual Lab & Insmouse left and the two US DEMO carts
away from what many would class as a complete collection.
I’m very interested in dumping my rare games onto backup carts so i can play them ;-).

I’ve asked my supplier what he meant by a “sealed” copy of Vlab as the Jap versions were never sealed to begin with. If he means never opened then how the hell can u tell? – so i’m very reluctant to pay extra for “unopened” status on something you can’t prove.

Nice pack of playing cards on ebay but it wasn’t really desirable for me so I didn’t buy them. Yeah they had Vboy on em but they were not specific enough for me – maybe if the cards had diff chars on each or a diff game etc then i would have jumped at them.

As soon as I get hold of Vlab and Insmouse i’ll do some photos if you would like.




Got myself 2 virtual boys not complete in some way or another
but they both work and put together make one
not boxed
all my games are complete and mint i am looking for some kind of plastic see through cases to store them in so i don’thave to worry about damage if you can help

Virtual lab
jack bros (j)
virtual fishing
golf (j)
Insmouse : No Yakata
telero boxer jap us
3D Tetris (U)
Mario`s Tennis (J)
Mario`s Tennis (U)
Panic Bomber (J)
Red Alarm (J)
Vertical Force (J)
Virtual Pro Baseball ’95 (J)
Virtual League Baseball (U)
V-Tetris (J)

a small collection but i started in jan 2004 and i live in the uk
just lost a auction on ebay for space invaders £210 is too much !!!
my aim is to have a full collection insted of 20 half full ones for snes /pc engine ect
I fund my collection using my knowledge of games in genral on ebay,and what i make there go’s on the virtual boy
what i want to do with my collection when complete is drink whisky and look at it..lol
i won’t sell it just preserve a piece of gaming history while educating myself on the vb and i’m getting there slowly
spent 10 hours searching the web in january bookmarking every vb related web site till 6 in the morn
One thing i love is collecting game related books, about the game indusry, and game art .
if any of you knowabout any vb related topics in books or mags please email me

I wish I had mine back…

3-d Tetris
Galactic Pinball jap.
Golf jap.
Insmouse : No Yakata
Jackbros. us
Mario Clash jap.
Mario`s Tennis us (incl. Demobox)
Mario`s Tennis jap.
Panicbomber jap.
Red Alarm jap.
Red Alarm us
Space Invaders: Virtual Collection
Space Squash
Teleroboxer us
Teleroboxer jap.
V-League Baseball jap.
Vertical Force jap.
Virtual Fishing
VB Wario Land jap.

(all NEW Condition)

Virtual Boy us
Virtual Boy jap
Virtual Boy Jap gray mosaic box
Virtual Boy US Plastic Case
AC Adapter Tab jap.
Earbuds jap.
Eyeshade jap.

Virtual Boy Prototype Controller
VUE Programming Manual + Software

Below is my inventory, everything is complete w/ box and manuals except Mario tennis, which doesnt have a box since it came with my virtual boy system.


email me if you have any virtual boy games you are wanting to sell, i would like to collect more games. thanks!

My collection thus far…


(2) US Virtual Boys (Complete with inst. books, but not in box)
(2) US AC adaptors
(1) Battery pack
(1) JP Ear Buds (In Box)
(1) VB Lamp-O-Tron (self made of course)
(1) Link cable (Self made…well, started but not finnished)

US Titles=

(3) Mario Tennis
(2) Wario Land
(1) Red Alarm (Box)
(1) Vertical Force (Box)
(1) Mario Clash
(1) Panic Bomber
(1) Gallactic Pinball
(1) Water World
(1) Virtual League Baseball (Box)
(1) Jack Bros.
(1) Telero Boxer
(1) Nester’s Funky Bowling
(1) 3D Tetris
(1) Virtual Golf (Box)
(1) Dragon Hopper Demo Version…(You can pick up your jaw now. It was only a joke)

JP Titles=

(1) V-tetris (Box)
(1) Mario Tennis (Box)
(2) Vertical Force (1 In Box)
(1) Panic Bomber (Box)
(1) Virtual Fishing (Box)
(1) Insmouse : No Yakata (Box)


(1) Set of inserts that belong to the store desplay stand.
(1) Hard shell case from Block Buster Video.
(I heard rumor that only about 50,000 of these were ever produced. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but it sounds about right. This was a nice investment. Not only to add to my collection, but to protect my beloved VB from most elements.)

Want List=

Space Invaders
Space Squash

I would love to try out Virtual Bowling or SD Gundam, but it’s just WAY too much for one such as myself to spend on a game. I am not under the disillusion that the modern world will some how collapse, and VB games will replace modern forms of currency. Like that guy with the PEZ dispencer collection that was interviewed on the Daily Show on Comedy Central, lol. Therefor, I can’t justify spending that much.

Also, a word to all of you in the UK… I notice that the UK auctions on eBay are always much higher in price than the US auctions. But, if you check out many of the US ones, they will ship to the UK. I’m sure that even with the shipping costs, it would still be cheaper than buying ones from the UK.

FYI my email address is BC2412@aol.com if anyone wishes to email me about anything. You can also get me on AIM at BC2412.

UK prices are higher as he unit was never released here. If you import rare stuff you take the risk of high import duty – yes you can get away with it but not always – either way you take a risk doing this as if the item is lost or damaged then the max you can claim is £32 or something. Gunadam + Virtual Bowling are shockingly rare even abroad thus in the UK if you can even get hold of them then your lucky.

Currently i’ve got 2x full collections of all games (Including Demo carts) – if anyone in the UK want’s anything specific then i may be persuaded to part with a few copies of the rare stuff I have (Gundam,V bowling, Invaders etc). Note the copies of Gundam and Virtual Bowling I would part with are not mint box wise (9.5 and 8/10 respectivly) – but hey where else you gonna get them 🙂 – I’m keeping the absolute mint ones for myself i’m afraid ;-).

Been considering placing an entire collection for sale in the UK – just not got around to it yet – plus I think most of the fun is hunting down the collection and buying an already complete collection would have limited appeal.

Stuff i’m looking for is a mint box version of V lab, and possibly insmouse as the versions i have are not 100% box wise.


I have all my Virtual Boy stuff at my parents’ house, but this is pretty much what I have

Galactic Pinball – USA (Cart only)
Mario Clash – USA Complete
Mario Tennis – USA
Panic Bomber – Jap? (Complete)
Red Alarm – Complete (Box is trashed)
T & E Virtual Golf – Jap Complete
Teleroboxer – USA Complete
V-Tetris – Jap Complete
Vertical Force – USA Complete
Kemco Baseball – JAP
Wario Land – USA


USA Virtual Boy Console Complete in Box
AC Adapter

I’d like to get Nester’s Funky Bowling,Jack Bros, Space Squash, Virtual Lab, and Virtual Fishing.

Virtual Boy (U)
AC Adapter Set (U)

3D Tetris (U)
Galactic Pinball (U)
T & E Golf (J)
Mario Clash (U)
Mario`s Tennis (U)
Nester’s Funky Bowling (U) 2X
Panic Bomber (U)
Red Alarm (U)
Teleroboxer (U)
Vertical Force (U)
V-Tetris (J)
VB Wario Land (U)
Space Squash (J)

Performance Carrying Case

if you see any games you would like to trade of my spare games (all complete with box and manual) let me know, i accapt any game i don’t have 😉

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My Collection

(2) US Virtual Boys (1 New Box, Man, 1 Used, my very first VB :))

(1) Performance Carry Case
(2) US AC Adaptor Taps (1 Box, 1 Used)
(2) Virtual Boy Stands
(2) Virtual Boy Controllers
(2) Virtual Boy Battery Paks

US Games
(2) 3-D Tetris (1 Box, Man, Cover, 1 Man, Cover)
(1) Galactic Pinball (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Golf (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Mario Clash (Box, Man, Cover)
(3) Mario’s Tennis (2 Man, Cover, 1 Used)
(1) Nester’s Funky Bowling (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Panic Bomber (Box, Man, Cover)
(2) Red Alarms (1 Box, Man, Cover, 1 Used)
(2) Teleroboxers (1 Box, Man, Cover, 1 Box, Cover)
(1) Virtual Boy Wario Land (Box, Man, Cover)
(2) Virtual League Baseballs (2 Box, Man, Cover)

JP Games
(1) Mario’s Tennis (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Panic Bomber (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Red Alarm (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) T&E Virtual Golf (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Teleroboxer (Box, Man, Cover)
(2) V-Tetris (2 Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Vertical Force (Box, Man, Cover)
(1) Virtual Pro Baseball ’95 (Box, Man, Cover)

If the price is right, I’ll be willing to sell my duplicates. Contact me.

EDIT: When I say my duplicates, I mean my duplicate games.
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Wow…just found this site…nice!

I picked up a VB a few years ago in a closeout sale. Since then, I’ve been an on-again, off-again collector. I’ve got too many hobbies competing for budget (including an Atari Jaguar collection) but right now I’ve got, CIB:

US Virtual Boy
AC adapter

3D Tetris
Galactic Pinball
Jack Brothers (JPN)
Mario’s Tennis (US pack-in, no box)
Nester’s Funky Bowling
Panic Bomber (JPN)
Red Alarm
Virtual Fishing (JPN)
Vertical Force (JPN)
Virtual League Baseball (US and JPN)
Wario Land

There’s some Insmouse carts on Ebay that I’m considering right now.

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Just begun collecting, but here it is anyway:

US Virtal Boy (without box and manuals)
2nd Headunit (defective right screen)
2nd Controller
2nd Eyeshade with holder
US AC Adapter

Software (all US):
Galactic Pinball (cardridge)
Golf (complete)
2 Mario Tennis (one complete)
Red Alarm (with manual)
Virtual League Baseball (like new)
Wario Land (complete)
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I have in my collection:

VIRTUAL BOY (usa with box)

12 US games:

6 JAP games:
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