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I was looking around and wondered why there are so few shmup games for the virtual boy
Well only vertical force is actually a shmup game

I mean what little I know of the easiest thing in the homebrew scene for any system to make games of is actually shmup games

Sega dreamcast being an example if I am not mistaken has alot of shmup games in the homebrew scene so why not

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There are very few shmups for the VB because there are very few games for the VB, homebrew or not.

It’s because you haven’t made one yet.

Don’t you think Red Alarm is a shmup?

Perhaps it would be a good first project for you, if it’s really that easy?

I’m not too keen of Shoot ’em Up:s, I liked 1942 for the C64 but that’s probably because of the really good music.

Don’t you think Red Alarm is a shmup?

Hey, now that you mention it… Yeah, I guess!

Red alarm is not a shmup ( 2d shooter ) beacouse it has also some 3d effects.

Just like space invaders also is not a shmup beacouse of the 3d effects

I agree, there aren’t enough good shooters for VB. Maybe you should write one. However, I wouldn’t agree with you that shmups are easy to make. A simple shooter is easy, as there aren’t many physics to deal with and you can randomly map levels, but just think about all the projectile tracking necessary in a bullet curtain type shooter. Also, I don’t think the VB is best suited for shmups. Part of the fun of the VB is being able to explore new game ideas that come across best in real 3d. I think a rail shooter is more suited for VB. (By the way, I call dibs on Space Harrier!)

Personally though, I think that Bangai-O is practically designed for the VB controller.

mawa wrote:
Red alarm is not a shmup ( 2d shooter ) beacouse it has also some 3d effects.

Just like space invaders also is not a shmup beacouse of the 3d effects

When did the term ‘shmup’ only ever mean 2D shoot-em-up?
I thought the whole point of a shmup was to shoot-em-up, basically you shoot lots of things, regardless of 2D or 3D you just shoot stuff.
So IMO Red Alarm is a shmup. Space Invader is a shmup.

True, a shmup will be a shmup when you’re flying any sort of craft, fighting off other enemy crafts. Usually in a set level.

Space Invaders IS a very native kind of shmup, though the major difference with it is that your own unit is on the ground.

(Where’s the 3D in Space Invaders?)

What’s the official explanation, and who decided it?

Quote from:

Shoot ’em up
Shoot ’em ups are a specific sub-genre of shooters, wherein the player has limited control over their movement; if done with 2D gameplay, as in Ikaruga, this means that a moving background continually pushes the player forward, though they may move up and down and left and right around the screen, typically firing straight forward. Shoot ’em ups share common gameplay, but are often categorized by viewpoint. This includes fixed shooters on fixed screens, scrolling shooters that mainly scroll in a single direction, top-down shooters where the levels are controlled from an overhead viewpoint, and rail shooters where player movement is automatically guided down a fixed “rail”. This genre also includes “run and gun” games which emphasize greater maneuvering or even jumping.

According to this definition Space Invaders seems to be a “fixed screen” shooter, right? And Red Alarm, what’s the purpose – to shoot things, scrolling in 3D rather than a view from above seems like the obvious solution due to the availability of real 3D.


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