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The first levels up to the house weren’t so hard then it started to get tricky to find the key.
But on the whole it wasn’t very hard (I’m not terribly good at videogames really, the hardest games I’ve beaten is Mega Man 6…) but the final boss was NOT easy… Had to try around 25 times and use 3 or 4 continues before I beat him. I lost all my treasures….
I felt there was a problem with the controls in that fight too, it’s like if you push jump you jump between the two planes but if you hold L or R and run and jump you jump along the normal plane. But sometimes that doesn’t work like it should and either sent me back when I didn’t want to go back there or didn’t when I wanted to. But, that could be because I was so nervous and stuff, but still.


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Me. Did you beat it the second time as well? I agree… it really is a great game, but really not too difficult.


Me too, but i have only done it once, guess i need to slap it back in and complete again, I know i didn’t get all the treasure etc so def got more to see.
Yeah nice graphics, good game, some good little 3D touches, maybe next year the rest of the world will have played, if N release it on 3DSware that is.

I’ve beaten it too! What a great game. I beat it on the normal difficulty, getting 100%, then on the harder difficulty also getting 100%.

It may be my favorite VB game. n_n

DogP wrote:
Me. Did you beat it the second time as well? I agree… it really is a great game, but really not too difficult.


I’m working on the second time. My chances were ruined when I completely forgot the key location in the house level. I want to see Wario with the scantily-clad woman in the best ending I’ve read about 😛


Only once, though… I have two treasures to go back and find.

Coincidentally, memories of being glued to the demo unit at Walmart playing this game as a kid is what sparked my interest in collecting VB things. It’s still my favorite VB game, hands down… Jack Bros. and 3D Tetris being the 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

You know, I got 100% on normal difficulty (and listened to Totaka’s song at the end :-)) but I don’t think I ever finished it on the harder difficulty. I think I started, but it seemed like mostly the same game so I got bored… I think the thing about VB Wario Land is that it feels like one of the most “finished” VB games. The graphics are really nice, the 3D effects are cool, the music is fine, and the animations are pretty smooth. Basically the only hitch is that it’s too short. I have fond memories of spending hours trying to find all the secrets in the original Wario Land on Game Boy…


I’ve beaten it on both difficulties, but it’s been so long, I don’t remember if I got all the treasures the second time through. If I find the time to play VB again, I plan to try for low times (and 100%, of course) in both.


Completed both versions at 100%. The second one is hardcore if you ask me, especially the end boss with the extra difficulty. It is a very nice game, though the second run is a bit boring if you just finished the first run.
I like this game very much indeed, hope it comes out on the 3DS as well here! In color would be the best in my opinion, since I already have the real VB experience here and would like to see it in color as well 😉

Finished it today for the first time with all the treasures ! :] it took me 4h25. Too bad there’s 6 different endings but only 3 save slots. Great game anymay !


Beat it on the original difficulty, and I am currently in the process of beating it in hard mode, which is indeed rather hard and frustration inducing.


Best game for the Virtual Boy (based on the games I’ve played). I’ve beaten both quests, both at 100% completion and both as speed runs. Couldn’t get enough of this game.

I think most frustrating part of the game for me was the boss on level 4 when I went through on the second quest. That boss is just evil.


Probably the first new signature in a while. Heheh.

Wario Land is one of the best platformers I’ve ever played. Not exactly long, but if you take your time playing it, it’s a ride.

I’ve beaten the game on hard mode multiple times. There are a few blocks or whatever I can’t reach. According to the level maps, I missed a big room on the Waterfall stage and one on the funhouse stage.

I love replaying this game so much. I usually just play one level a night, so it doesn’t get boring. 😀

Signs, but I’ve only gotten ending C.

Protoman85 wrote:
Signs, but I’ve only gotten ending C.

Protoman85, because your reviews are awesome, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

To get muchos coins, go to the 10x coins mini-game.

Now, you may think this is always random, but on every single stage, the pattern is EXACTLY THE SAME.

I figured this out myself. I do not quite remember what the pattern is, but notice which bat is correct after each time you pick.

I love the coin game. 😉

Signs! Beat it on Normal back in ’95; just started the “2nd Quest” this week.

It’s clear that this was an important game in Nintendo’s eyes (pun intended) b/c the production values are pretty high for any VB game. I was always amused at how many names this game had pre-release; Wario Cruise was my favorite.

Also, for those who really can’t get enough – if you have not played Mutant Mudds for 3DS (I think it’s on Wii U too), that game took a TON of influence from VB Wario so far as the jumping back and forth from different plains goes. There’s even a few Virtual-Boy-Red levels.

I’ve beaten both quests and have my high scores posted in the high score section of this site. I hope to sit down someday soon and try to beat sebmal’s times, and I sure hope that others will join in the high score competition as well!


*Signs* And got lot of fun!!!

*Signs*. So… I beat BOTH Normal and Hard (all treasures) in under 2 hours, but I didn’t get the controversial ending; The first time, I got a magic carpet with nothing, and the second time, I got Demon Head to pilot the magic carpet :D.


Beat the game on normal too, I think I got ending B. The Demon Head boss was by far the hardest part of the entire game, so many lives lost… The trick I found was you have to be walking left or right to prevent jumping into the background. That made the fight significantly easier. Too bad it’s also really hard to time the jump into his nose to get in a hit.

Been picking away at hard mode, was last at the haunted house. It is indeed much harder than the normal mode, but only because those spiky balls are placed in really annoying places. Would be nice if some more enemies were added, different treasure and key locations too. Some levels certainly could have facilitated that without modification.

So far, Wario Land is my favorite VB game, Bound High is really great too though. It’s hard to think that Bound High went unreleased and so few have played it.

I’ve beaten the normal quest, but I can’t get past the first boss on the second quest. He moves too fast for me to avoid him..

3DBoyColor wrote:
It’s hard to think that Bound High went unreleased and so few have played it.

I think its sad, it looks like a lot of effort was put into that game, only to have it canceled after basically completing it. Must have been devastating for such a small game company. They obviously had to rush the gameboy game to try to recoup something, which I don’t think worked out for them.


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