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I just bought some grey foam and cut it to sort of replace the original pieces then craft glued them in.
What do you all think?

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Looks great Dreammary! What did you use to cut through the foam and make it so smooth? and would you consider doing this for payment for PVB users that need the repair? Kudos:)

I actually removed the smaller piece as I plan on trying to make it closer to accurate.
I would consider making the pieces, and I used a very sharp paper cutter.

I will order more pieces in bulk and begin making a more stable prototype design soon.

where did you get the foam from and what type of craft glue did you use?

Nice repair, good to see people looking after and preserving there stuff.

The foam came from eBay “soft grey foam”, the glue is “Mighty Mendit”

I did the repair because without the foam brace, my VB and controller kept flopping around in the case.

Here’s the finished repair, I have concluded the design to a point where I am happy.

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9 years later and my foam crumbled from age, it’s hard to believe how bad it went. But this update is what it now looks like the foam carefully crafted by myself as a replacement.

Newly updated

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Looks good!

Thank you!


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