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I found some source for a Polygon engine and a Raycaster engine a long time ago that I kept meaning to get around to porting, since they seemed like such simple apps. Anyway, I finally got around to looking at them, and in about 2 hours I was able to port the polygon engine, and in about another 1.5 hrs, I got the raycaster working really slowly, and somewhat incorrectly.

Anyway, I went ahead and posted the polygon engine on my webspace: http://virtual.boy.home.comcast.net/VB/polygon.zip . Right now it’s very inefficient because it’s drawing horizontal lines instead of vertical lines, but it still looks okay. There’s also some graphical bugs that were in the original PC app that are still present… and there’s no parallax. Press start to switch objects (the first object looks the best though), L U/D/L/R rotates, and R U/D zooms.

These aren’t really projects I want to take to a complete game… I just thought they were cool, and worth spending a few hours porting them. I’ll be posting the source to both once I get some more time to get the Raycaster working. Maybe someone could fix the bugs, add some features and special effects, and have a cool tech demo like the Star Fox demo to submit for the competition.


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Hey, It would be great if you can post the source code, I made some vector drawing some time ago, and even had parallax, but when tried to fill the polygons I got stuck with the performance so I decided to focus my work on the bitmap engine.


Yup… I’ll be posting the source code fairly soon… I want to look at getting the raycaster engine working, and possibly do a few small mods to improve both of them… but it won’t be much.



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