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Sorry about the long time without any update, but after all the exams I needed some free time, beside that I recently worked on several things, so updating took some time…

Todays updates: 4 new articles from EGM2 (10/94, 11/94, 7/95) and Total! (8/97), one new unrelaesed accessory (Rechargeable Battery Adapter) plus a new section called Game Ideas which is about games we would have wanted to play on Virtual Boy. Feel free to send in your own ideas!

Sadly there wasn’t much response about the chat meeting, none to be honest… But if you want to chat anyway, Virtual Boy fans are now meeting in IRC Efnet Channel #VirtualBoy. At the moment we are trying to find another chat applet to give you the chance to connect to the channel through this site or chat.vr32.de.

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