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Thunderstruck has revealed his latest, amazing homebrew project and released a first demo of a port of “Snatcher” for the Virtual Boy. Snatcher is a cyberpunk graphic adventure game by Hideo Kojima from 1988. This demo is fully playable up to the point where you leave for Alton Plaza, it comes with stereoscopic backgrounds and very high quality PCM music and sound effects! Features:

  • Dynamic dialog system with alternating answers
  • Environment-aware inventory system
  • Stereoscopic background images
  • PCM music and sound effects
  • Fully funtional in-game computer “Jordan”
  • Fully functional shooting games

Click here for additional information, the download and release discussion.

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Oh now that is fantastic! I will definitely be checking this out!

Played this again last night. I was again impressed by how well done this is. Seriously, high quality music and effects, very well done 3D images, and everything works just how it should; this feels just like a retail game. Also the whole Virtual Boy volume part gave me good laugh.

Seriously, Thunder, well done. I can feel all the blood sweat and tears that went into this when I play. It really is an incredibly good port.


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