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In 01′ i began collecting VB goods after buying my first console at a game trader. From then on, i accumulated every game/accessory i could find. I lost out when i sold my system on ebay about 2 years later….it went for a little over 400$ which, in my eyes, was not worth the heartache ive had since.

But now, im back into the scene again after reading about the new “FlashBoy” cart that is soon to be released. That news made my heart sink and i just had to find another VB. 😎

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400 bucks doesn’t sound bad, but i assume you had a pretty extensive collection… anyway, cool you found back to the vb. welcome to the community! πŸ™‚

exactly πŸ™ if only i could go back and continue working on what i had…but now i have another chance. I mainly want that flash cart and maybe if SOMEONE would supply it, some of the more rare vb games like SD:G or even Bound High πŸ˜‰

There is no way to obtain bound high but if you want a almost complette VB Collection, look here:

Chris has it..doesnt he ?

i dont know that



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