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Ok,Ok I realize that this whole thing should be a PM but… the last time I PM’ed the parties involved some of them never got back to me, I’m talking months. So because of that I’m going public with my ideas.
The first thing is that we’re dealing with a 3d system here I say let’s use its strong points.


For Mario imagine a game on multiple levels of play (multiple scrolling) like Wario Land. But the major difference is that the first level into the background has no powerups no mushrooms no fireflowers no raccoons nada. The second level into the background has weak powerups mushrooms fireflowers ect. The last level strong powerups starpower mega mushrooms things like this maybe even a weapon that allows you to fire on another multiple scrolling level. But the catch is that every level of multiple scrolling gets harder as it recedes into the background. So the game is to get the powerups and get back to the first level before you get killed, if you can find a way back it’s the chance you have to take if you want the power ups. sound like fun I think so! And besides although not a totally traditional Mario game, I think it would make it not seem so much like a Wario clone.


Like Mario it’s played on 3 levels, underground ground and overhead. Through the beginning of the game there are enemies that are over your head and beneath you. You have to wait to get on their level to attack them. But when you get missile fire weapons you can attack them by changing your aim to beneath you, ground level, or overhead. just like Vertical Force. execept you aim on that level and stay on the level your on. I think that this would add more depth to a Zelda game pun intended. Can you imagine seeing aimed arrows flying out towards the viewer in 3d, and arrows and missle fire weapons going toward the back in 3d also. I think it would be cool.
Well those are just my Ideas I hope they go to the powers that be so we can have better games please let me know what you think?

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