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I don’t really understand the “easy compression” one (I don’t think all the information about how it works is included in the article), but it doesn’t really apply to the way the VB’s graphics work, anyway.

The stuff about rendering stereo pairs from 3D models is pretty good, I guess, but the VB has so few pixels (and colors) available, it’s a much better idea to just use “pixel art” for everything (except for the occasional “cut scene” I suppose).

Thanks for the links, though. Be sure to share anything else you find in the future. In fact, I hope others join in and make this thread grow!

Yes ,probably some of them can no be used on vboy,but could be interesting for any dev.

I would love recomend a blog (but it is on Spanish : if people are interesting on some article ,i can transladate .
(It has some great articles about pixel art ,the importance of paletes,articles of programs as pixel Punch for resizing sprites without lost the ratio (i paste here the source he used ..).
I will paste here the programs he recomend for the pixel art..

Cosmigo Promotion, Graphics Gale, Aseprite, Photoshop, Gimp. piskel
Pixzen ( c64 style)



Using Sprite Lamp with engines


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